What does Error 402 mean and how to fix it

What does Error 402 mean and how to fix it
Satyam Chaudhary
HTTP Status Codes Sep 05, 2023

HTTP Error 402, also known as "Payment Required", is a status code that is used to indicate that the client attempting to access the requested resource must make a payment in order to proceed.

In this blog article we will explore the details of HTTP Error 402, its implications, and how it can be effectively handled by website owners and developers.

We will discuss the common causes of this error, potential solutions, and best practices for handling payment related issues in the online world.

So, let's get started and learn what does error 402 mean and how to fix it

What is HTTP error 402 ?

HTTP Error 402 is an error code that indicates that payment is required in order to access the requested resource. When you encounter an HTTP Error 402, it means that the website or service you are trying to access requires payment or a valid subscription in order to proceed

Why Are You Getting an Error 401?

The most common reasons for receiving this error are:

  • This error is returned when the server requires payment for access to the requested resource

  • It is also possible that the server is unable to process the payment due to a payment gateway issue or other technical issue

  • This error is usually returned when the server is configured to require payment for access to the requested resource

  • The client may also receive this error if the payment is not received in a timely manner

  • The client should contact the server administrator for more information on the issue

5 Methods to Fix the Error 402

There are several methods you can use to fix and Error 402. Here are five methods to help guide you through the process.

  1. Clear your browser cache

    Clearing the browser's cache can help resolve any conflicts or corrupted files that may be causing the error.

    • Click the three dots on the top right then go to Settings

    • Tap on Privacy and security then on Clear browsing data .

    • You will find an option “Time range,” select All time

    • Then go to advanced and only select the top three options as shown in the below figure

    • There you will also find the option of “Time range,” select All time

    • Now simply Tap on Clear data.

  2. Check your Network Settings:

    The most common cause of a 402 error is an issue with your network settings. To fix this, you should check your network settings and make sure all the settings are correct

  3. Update your browser:

    If you are using an outdated browser, it may be the cause of the 402 error. Therefore, you should update your browser to the latest version

  4. Disable browser extensions:

    Certain browser extensions or plugins can interfere with website functionality and trigger an Error 402. Disable any recently added extensions and see if the error persists

  5. Contact the website:

    If all else fails, to fix the 402 error then you should contact the website and ask for help.

Here are some preventive measure you can take

  1. Check for authorizations error

  2. Ensure that the payment gateway is configured correctly

  3. Verify that the URL is valid and not misspelled

  4. Ensure that the server is not overloaded

  5. Check for any network issue

  6. Make sure the website is up to date with latest versions


In conclusions, understanding the HTTP Error 402 is crucial for website owners and operators. This error is also known as Payment Required error, occurs when a user tries to access a resource that requires a payment or a valid subscriptions.

It serves as remainder that certain online content or service may come at cost. To resolve this error, website administrator should clearly communicate the payment requirements, and ensure a smooth and secure payment process.

By effectively managing HTTP Error 402, website owners can maintain a positive user experience and monetize their online suffering successfully.

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